MetroRail Update

Capital Metro’s monthly ASG E-Newsletter was published yesterday. The newsletter included President/CEO Fred Gilliam’s monthly rail update. Read below.

Capital MetroRail Update from Fred Gilliam

As you may already know, Capital Metro decided to delay the start up of MetroRail service. After learning of our rail contractor Veolia Transportation’s alleged violations from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Capital Metro felt it was important that we take a little more time to allow us to provide the safest and best possible rail system at the launch of service.

Veolia is investigating the matter thoroughly and working with the FRA and TxDOT to address the issues. Even though these incidents occurred during testing, we take them seriously, as safety is always the most important factor for Capital Metro.

Delaying the start of service allows Veolia more time to train its engineers and dispatchers and perform additional testing throughout the system. We will work with Veolia to finalize a new action plan towards beginning service.

Capital Metro also decided to bring in rail experts from Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to assist with startup operations and safety implementation. These experts work directly for the MBTA and have experience working with Veolia, which is a contractor for one of MBTA’s many rail lines. The MBTA representatives donated their time as a peer agency and spent three days with us last week. Their objective and constructive feedback will help us determine our next steps in preparing to launch MetroRail service.

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One thought on “MetroRail Update

  1. Parker Beaty

    my name is Parker i just have a question i saw the metro rail parked over at highland station which is good to see i cannot wait for the launch of service kramer is where i well be getting on love the design simple but nice.Anyways i noticed that people are still setting on the railline at 51st and airport took some pictures of it just because i am a big rail fan i did notice no police on site to start warning people of setting on the track.When are the police going to start monitoring the tracks i even have a small video from the cam of the metrorail horn from a distance and cars on the track is this something the stupid idiots on the tracks are going to do and learn the hard way i think the people on the track should get alittle scare have the metro go down real slow but stop just enough to be in sight so the drivers can understand that this is recless and illegal i am going to post the video on youtube to let people know how dumb some drivers can be

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