Media MetroRail Ride

This week the FRA was gracious enough to let us take members of the local news media for a MetroRail ride. We’d love to be able to offer rides to the general public. But we’re not at that point yet. So we brought the media along to show you what it’s like to ride MetroRail. Click through the jump for a few photos and KEYE-TV’s story.

The engineer’s view

Perfect timing – the MetroRail train crosses the overpass as a UP freight train passes below

Board Member and Leander Mayor John Cowman announces the arrival at Leander Station

Board Chair and Travis County Commissioner Margaret Gomez chats with Mayor Cowman and President/CEO Fred Gilliam at Leander Station

Maria Garza explains the ticket vending machine to Univision

Board Member Mike Manor enjoys the ride

A family that happened to be at the Leander Station when we pulled up had the opportunity to take a quick peek at the train. The next day Capital Metro received this email:

Thank you so much. My family loves the pictures. I really appreciate you letting my children in to experience the train yesterday, we all felt so welcome. [My son] has not stopped telling everyone that he honked the Leander train. He will remember that always…

One thought on “Media MetroRail Ride

  1. Parker Beaty

    i just want to say congragulations on this mile stone i saw the train at kramer going by how are the shunting situation coming along can’t wait for the ride

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