Welcome to Crestview Station

In addition to the event at MLK, Jr. Station today, we’ll also be at Crestview Station from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., showing off the MetroRail train, helping people navigate the station and the new ticket vending machines, and generally getting Austinites ready to ride!

Eight of the nine MetroRail stations are ripe for transit oriented development, and a TOD is already up and running at Crestview Station. Midtown Commons is the transit oriented development adjacent to the Crestview Station. The development is still in progress. You can already lease retail/office space there, and the leasing office for the residential units has just opened.

When you swing by today to tour the train, you can sign an apartment lease to live next door!

Crestview Station Open House
6920 North Lamar Blvd.
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
very limited parking available at the adjacent TOD

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Crestview Station

  1. Parker Beaty

    I just wanted to write and say thanks for the great work ya’ll put into the crestview station it was really exciting to see the artwork that went into the station canopy and overall lay out see ya’ll at the next station

  2. Judey

    We had a great day working out at Crestview Station today (despite a chilly and rainy start). It was really nice to meet the 1225 Austinites who came out to see us!

  3. vindobonensis

    I was one of the 1225 visitors at the Crestview open house and really like the modern look of the station and the trains. I know a lot of work has gone into completing the station – I noticed the lights coming on, grass being planted, and TVM’s installed in the days before the open house, and of course upgrades to the track crossing over Lamar.

    One comment I have is that after dark, the walkway from Lamar towards the station seems poorly lit (the station itself is very well lit). Perhaps some lighting should be installed along the walkway.

    I would also like to comment on the trains themselves. The path in the center between the seats seems very narrow (and the path through the diesel unit even more narrow). Do you anticipate any issues? Also, the bike rack looks difficult to use. The folding tables are nice though.

    I think some of the fare details will be very confusing to users. I think the dual zone fares and fare details regarding circulators (included) and local buses (not included) add unnecessary complexity and will frustrate occasional users. Just charge 1.25 and include all one-way connections in the fare!

    About Midtown Commons, yes you can sign an apartment lease but you can’t quite tour the units yet. However, I believe this was the first day that the public was allowed on the Midtown Commons property. It was very exciting, too.

    Thanks for the open house and looking forward to the start of service!

  4. M1EK

    Midtown Commons is NOT a transit-oriented development by any reasonable standard. Its density is lower than that of the Triangle (build without ‘benefit’ of this rail line); and the transit component isn’t frequent or connected enough to qualify anyways.

  5. Don Dickson

    Why do I keep seeing these caveats about “very limited parking” at these train stations? What kind of sense does that make?

  6. martin

    I was at the open house and I would like to say that we REALLY REALLY REALLY need to improve pedestrian and bicycle access to and through the intersection at Airport and Lamar. As is currently is you cannot cross Lamar from east to west on the southern part of airport. The only crossing legally allowed puts you on the northern side of Airport. There are people who need to and will cross- legal or not. We need to take the free rights out of this intersection for cars and slow the cars done. Otherwise I’ll have to agree with Mike that this is not TOD at all. You cannot have a major auto-dominated space in the middle or right next to your TOD.

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