One more time: Do not stop on the tracks. We can never say this enough. Today Capital Metro participated in an Austin Police Department rail safety news conference near the 51st Street crossing. TV cameras captured many shots of people stopping on the railroad tracks. At one point, cars were stopped on the tracks as the gates were coming down and a train was approaching.

I hope that having images like these on TV will help raise awareness about rail safety:

Note the moped on the tracks in this one:

4 thoughts on “DO NOT STOP ON THE TRACKS!

  1. Parker Beaty

    my name is Parker and I was watching the video on this purticular deal at 51st street i even saw buses getting close to the tracks before i been on the number 7 the other day and the bus did not even stop at the intersection how is capital metro going to deal with this issue sorry if this is a dumb question just seeing the train the other day at one of the stops is real quiet and with some drivers being reckless and other vehicles doing the same thing

  2. Adam Shaivitz

    Parker: Capital Metro buses are required to stop at railroad crossings and then proceed when it’s safe to do so. Our service providers are including railroad crossing safety reminders in service advisories and bus operator safety meetings.

  3. M1EK

    Relying on people to always do the right or smart thing is a very bad idea in traffic engineering. Especially when there are disincentives to do it at some of these intersections.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, even LRT in 2000 would have had some of these problems (at intersections farther upstream), but the insistence on “doing it cheap” meant there was no political will to address these intersections at the logical time (when the train starts running ‘frequently’ – compared to the old freight traffic anyways).

    The CSX railroad in South Florida that Tri-Rail runs on has had some truly dreadful accidents (one I can remember clearly involved an innocent motorist getting bumped forward onto the tracks by somebody behind them and then killed in a fireball).

    And their intersections with CSX don’t have the problems of the 53rd through 45th intersections (you can sometimes get screwed out of a green light if you don’t queue up close enough to the tracks).

    Better keep your eyes open on this one. The right answer is to close some side streets and rebuild some of these intersection approaches – but it should not be purely the responsibility of the city of Austin to do so, since Austin residents have nearly zero opportunity to ride this train.

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