Take the Bus to First Night

If you plan on enjoying New Year’s Eve at First Night Austin, try taking the bus to the festivities. In addition to the many regular routes that travel downtown, we’re extending four routes (4, 101, 171 and 982) until 1 a.m.

And don’t forget about the Night Owls that start running after midnight until about 3:30 a.m.

We encourage you to buy a Day Pass good for unlimited rides for 24 hours. Children under six ride free.

For more details, check out the handy pocket map that will help you plan your trip.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Take the Bus to First Night

  1. Grant

    I appreciate that you are extending hours, though it seems doing so a little deeper into the night might be even better at discouraging drinking and driving. When I was in San Francisco one year for new years, they ran the buses all night, and people could ride for free New Years eve and into the next morning. This seemed the most responsible action by a transit authority that I ever encountered. I know its a big hit on revenue to run buses free like that, but I did have three friends that night that rode the bus for the first time and decided it was a nice way to travel, indicating that they would probably ride it in the future to get where they wanted to go.

  2. vindobonensis

    What happened to the free shuttle service from the (free) state parking garages which was available in prior years at First Night? I found this service very convenient. Since it was not available, we ended up taking the bus all the way from home and back.

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