Billy and the i-Ride Man Video Shoot, and Bike Rack Rap

Capital Metro has been planning a series of short (fun) videos to help new riders get the hang of it. The idea spawned from the i-Ride campaign and the creative video submissions to the i-Ride contest held earlier this year. After the contest ended, we retained i-Ride winner Alex Diamond to produce the videos for us. Check out this earlier post for more info on Alex, the videos, and the casting call we put out last month.

Last weekend, Alex and cast (and some Capital Metro folks) met at the Triangle for the first video shoot.
i-Ride winner and Capital Metro rider Alex Diamond (center) gets ready to film the first video.

The videos will cover several topics, like trip planning, paying the fare, loading your bike, etc., and should make their debut in early 2009.

Incidentally, Streetsblog recently blogged about a sweet video by the Transit Authority of River City (Louisville, KY): Bike Rack Rap. Check it out!

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