Weird Art…sounds like Austin

Happy Friday. Thought I’d share something amusing that caught my eye yesterday.

TriMet, the public transit agency in Portland, has invested in public art at several of their commuter rail stations. That sounds like something we might be interested in, especially in Austin. Well, the art has left a creepy impression on a local reporter. And it creeped me out too. Check out his blog posting and judge for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Weird Art…sounds like Austin

  1. Don Dickson

    Yeah, that’s some creepy stuff alright. I might have thought it inappropriate for Austin until my ride home on the 1 last night, which was a rolling freak show the likes of which I haven’t seen since leaving New York City 15 years ago; including a drunk, two smelly hobos who were deeply in love, one guy talking to himself in sign language, and a protester in a wheelchair who parked himself in front of our bus and refused to move.

    Made me feel like I’d gone home. 🙂

    Maybe some grotesque gargoyles are in order for Austin’s bus stops and train stations after all.

  2. Grant

    I love them. And I doubt that the reporter from the Oregonian represents opinion in Portland, as that institution is usually way off the public tempo there. I truly appreciated the diversity of art in the Trimet system, and its certainly something I would like to see in my new home of Austin. It’s always sad when public art is lifeless and doesn’t challenge anyone who encounters it. I always admired Trimet for being willing to take risks.

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