Sampling the Sausage Link

Capital Metro stepped up to the plate and presented its proposal for the Austin-Manor-Elgin transit corridor (also known as the Sausage Link) to the CAMPO Transit Work Group (TWG) on Monday. Click here to see the presentation of the proposed Green Line. You can read the full review from September here. Click through the jump to see KTBC’s story from Monday.

A Green Line extension of MetroRail could be an important part of a regional transportation system in Central Texas. The proposal is the first transit project to go through the TWG and its Decision Tree. Capital Metro will return to the TWG next Monday for further discussion of the Green Line.

(Image from the Austin Chronicle. Click here for the AC’s new story this week.)

3 thoughts on “Sampling the Sausage Link

  1. martin

    Sounds great, let’s get it in motion! If CTRMA can casually spend $623.5 million building a 6.2 mile tollway to Manor then our community should easily be able to spend $192 million on this 28 mile rail route from downtown to Elgin. If not, we need to reevaluate our priorities. This just makes sense.

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