A Job Well Done

I received a very kind email today commending a bus operator for a job well done. With the author’s consent, I want to share it with our blog readers:

I was pleased to see that Capital Metro bus drivers are getting a raise – the driver who takes my daughter to school is just terrific.

Addie, my 13-year-old daughter, catches the regular #20 bus downtown at 7:11 am to get to LBJ High School. (She has gotten to school on time before 8 am every single day, except the first day of the strike, by the way!) That bus picks up many students going to Kealing Middle School and LBJ High, and my daughter has mentioned several times that their regular bus driver is friendly and especially nice with the students, asking them how they’re doing in school and so forth.

On Veteran’s Day, their usual stop at 10th Street and Congress Ave. was closed, due to the parade – which they didn’t anticipate. My daughter and the whole group of students who usually board there were in a panic, sure they would miss the bus, and not knowing what to do. Then they saw a man a half block away waving his arms and calling out to get their attention. It was the bus driver! He had anticipated that these kids wouldn’t know to go to the alternate stop, so he went the extra mile to go find them, and make sure they caught their bus to school.

Now if that doesn’t merit a raise, I don’t know what does!

Katherine Gregor

2 thoughts on “A Job Well Done

  1. Don Dickson

    I would like to compliment a FEW CapMetro drivers whose alertness has narrowly avoided three collisions on Congress Avenue in the last couple of days alone. Car drivers are getting into the very bad and dangerous habit of making right turns in front of CM buses from the inside lanes. I remember reading somewhere that CM has this problem already on its radar screens, and I hope CM will enlist the aid of APD to ticket these drivers. This is happening with great frequency, if my own experiences are any indication. These drivers are breaking the law and they are going to get someone hurt if they have not already.

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