Return to Normalcy

A note from President/CEO Fred Gilliam:

On Monday, Capital Metro restored full service after union employees returned to work. Capital Metro is pleased that StarTran, the contractor that employs most of Capital Metro’s bus and paratransit operators and mechanics, and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1091 reached a tentative agreement. The union is expected to vote on the contract this week.

Thanks to many hard-working employees and our other contracted partners, Capital Metro was able to increase service each day of the strike. Still, we know that many customers waited patiently for their buses and MetroAccess rides to arrive, and others had to find an alternate means to travel around town. We apologize to our customers and the community for the disruption. Capital Metro will be compensating pass holders who had days of paid eligible fares during the strike days (Nov. 5-9, 2008). The details will be released soon.

Last week was a difficult time for everyone involved. Now, we must move forward to rebuild public trust within the community. We remain committed to providing high quality service to meet the needs of central Texas.

10 thoughts on “Return to Normalcy

  1. Don Dickson

    I thought the strike was over on Friday when I saw a 1M and a 1L running bumper-to-bumper. 🙂

    I wish y’all would fix that with an appropriate schedule adjustment. (One or the other is proving incapable of keeping to the schedule as it stands now, and the two buses are coming together.) You have one crammed bus followed immediately by one empty one…and if you miss those you’re probably in for a 20-minute wait.

    The 1 was standing-room-only at 11:30 this morning. Even with the price of gas dropping 50% in 60 days, demand is exceeding supply.

  2. Erica McKewen

    There seems to be an issue when looking at our blog in Internet Explorer. It shows up fine in Firefox. We’re investigating…

  3. M1EK

    Don, there isn’t a transit agency in the world that can solve bus bunching without some reserved guideway. It’s a complaint in every single city in the world (and even happens with reserved guideway more than people would like, although not as much).

    How is it that I always end up having to defend their bus operations anyways, when I’m the guy who wants them to stop wasting time on Rapid Bus and commuter rail and get back on the smart path of light rail?

  4. Don Dickson

    I did not observe a lot of bunching on the 1L/1M prior to the August schedule book. Since there were few changes made to the 1L/1M (with the exception of one continuing to Southpark Meadows instead of the South TC), I can only guess that the bunching problem has been caused or exacerbated by the route changes on the dillos and perhaps some other lines, and by the rapid and somewhat unanticipated increase in demand.

  5. M1EK

    Then you were lucky before – I observed bunching years ago and it’s never let up. (On the rare occasions when I’m downtown looking for a bus ride back home, I usually resolve to skip the #1s and wait for the first of #5 or #7 before sometimes getting discouraged and taking a third or fourth #1). #1s were bunched together every time I ever did this.

  6. martin

    During the days leading up to the strike and during the strike this blog was curiously in ‘no comment’ mode. It was not possible to make comments no matter what browser you were using- at least that is what I experienced. Maybe that is what moose was refering to. I thought that was pretty ‘funny’ as well.

  7. Erica McKewen

    martin–actually there was a coding error in a couple of the previous posts–that’s what was preventing people from seeing all of the posts and in your case, from commenting. We didn’t discover the error until it was pointed out, in this thread, by life.complicated. and moose. We promptly fixed the html tags in some of the posts and voila! the whole site was back. No ‘funny’ agenda, I promise.

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