Crossing the Bridge

We’d like to take you for a ride across the UP Overpass. But since we can’t do preview rides for the public yet, you’ll have to settle for a video ride. Each Capital MetroRail vehicle includes a comprehensive closed circuit television system with numerous cameras. During a recent test run, Capital Metro’s rail ops staff was kind enough to save some video of the train crossing the bridge.

The first clip shows the view from a camera pointing straight out from the front of the train. In the second clip you’ll see four side camera views.

The UP Overpass will allow MetroRail trains to stay on schedule by crossing over the interchange with the UP rail line rather than having to stop and wait if a UP train is approaching.

4 thoughts on “Crossing the Bridge

  1. Parker Beaty

    I am just courious was this bridge suppose to be in the original design and if not why the add seems like latley we are talking about freight trains having to leave the mopac area i may sound dumb on this topic just the over cost last min to add it to the project

  2. Adam Shaivitz

    The bridge over the UP line was not part of the original plan but was added to the project about two or three years ago to enhance service reliability and safety.

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