Best Reason Not to Drive

Capital Metro was named the “Best Reason Not to Drive” in the Austin Chronicle’s annual Best of Austin awards:

Best Reason Not to Drive: Capital Metro

As gas prices skyrocket, eco-awareness rises, and traffic congestion becomes a total drag, a lot more Austinites (including Chronicle staffers) have been hopping on the bus at 3,000 stops around town. With positive 2008 changes such as the upcoming MetroRail, new buses, expanded service, simplified ‘Dillo routes, and new regional partnerships, Cap Metro deserves kudos this year (even factoring in the reasonable fare hikes). Making a big, positive difference for regional planning are Doug Allen, the new executive vice president and chief development officer, and Todd Hemingson, vice president of strategic planning and development. Reading, Web-surfing, or napping while commuting – it sure beats swearing at idiot drivers.

2 thoughts on “Best Reason Not to Drive

  1. Don Dickson

    The Chronicle editorial board must not be riding the #1. At 6 p.m. last night I waited 26 minutes at the n/b Congress & Oltorf stop and the first bus to come along was the 101. The 101 takes me about 300 yards past my preferred destination, and as I was walking back toward it, sure enough, along came a very crowded 1L followed bumper-to-bumber by a very empty 1M.

    You folks really need to fix this.

  2. M1EK

    There’s not much chance of fixing bus bunching without some dedicated runningway. In other words, despite the grief as I give them for lying about how light and urban this useless commuter rail line is, I think they’re doing about as well running a bus system as can be done given the environment in which they must operate(*).

    This is, of course, why rail in reserved guideway must run on the 2000 route instead of on the useless Red Line tour of Airport Boulevard and other environs.

    (* – state that hates both the local government and transit in general; no reserved lanes; relatively cheap parking downtown; relatively affluent commuting population; no ability of county to have land-use regs; etc. – most bus operators would fail to reach even our modest standards if these conditions existed in their city).

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