2 thoughts on “ASG E-Newsletter: October 2008

  1. Don Dickson

    While I appreciate all the cheery news in the ASG newsletter, it might be nice to have someone address the fact that the August route and schedule changes have made a complete mess of the spine of the bus system.

    If I had a nickel for every time I have seen 1L and 1M buses running bumper to bumper, and for every time I have had to wait twenty minutes or more for a bus that is supposed to run every eleven minutes, and for every 1L or 1M I’ve boarded on which there was barely enough room for one more person to stand, I’d be replenishing my 401k faster than Wall Street can wither it away.

    I have even seen 101’s running bumper to bumper.

    It is a complete mess, and it got that way literally overnight. I wish you folks would address that and stop preening your feathers over your train to nowhere.

  2. Don Dickson

    (In fact the other day a 101 operator apparently took pity upon me and picked me up and dropped me off at stops served only by the 1. As often as not, I’m seeing a 101 go by before I see a 1!)

    Your trains are real pretty and I hope they are a success. But please, fix your bus system. You broke it.

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