What a weekend!

Have you recovered from this past weekend yet? Gladly, I can say that I have and I enjoyed my time spent at ACL Fest. I’m also happy to report that our shuttle service went off without a hitch and ridership was up!

The ACL Fest Shuttles operated Friday through Sunday with a total of ridership of 101,252. That means 1,300 more people rode the shuttles this year compared to last year. Capital Metro’s Director of Transportation says that operation of the shuttles was the smoothest she’s ever seen and it could not have been accomplished without the incredible help from Capital Metro staff and family members that volunteered for the event.

While many were heading to Zilker Park on Saturday, thousands of UT Fans were headed to the football game. We transported 7,208 riders on the Huddle Shuttle, more than 1,000 additional riders compared to the previous game.

As an agency, we showed tremendous team work and appreciate all of the efforts put forth by our staff and our service providers at StarTran, First Transit and Veolia. This past weekend was a success and we’re pleased to have provided such great service for our community.

One thought on “What a weekend!

  1. martin

    Congratulations. I didn’t ride downtown this weekend, but I’ve heard all good things.
    Its too bad about the recent change in the federal regulations about transit agencies providing service to special events but hopefully Cap Metro can keep providing special event shuttles to as many events as possible.
    Seems like the feds need to worry more about regulating greedy investment banks these days than they do transit agencies.

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