More PARK(ing) Woes

Yesterday Adam posted an Austin Business Journal article that reported Austin as one of the most expensive cities in the nation in which to park. A comment he received:

What the article doesn’t address is that high parking prices in garages and lots lead to more and more people circling the block endlessly looking for the coveted metered spot… All the circling obviously contributes to congestion and pollution…

Today there are even fewer of those “coveted metered spots” available downtown. Today is National PARK(ing) Day, and Austin groups, like Save Our Springs Alliance, right, have turned metered parking spots throughout downtown into “mini parks” (if you can block out the whizzing noise of fast-moving and thick traffic).

The 451 ‘Dillo stops outside of Whole Foods, and there you can visit three of the renegade “parks” (I checked–all three groups had paid the meter).

Here’s Whole Foods’ Oktoberfest-themed park, complete with a jam box playing Polka tunes. Across the street, the Girl Scouts Council of Central Texas had set up camp–literally–in their parking spot, and visitors could make S’mores over a Coleman camp stove. (But eat up before you jump back on the ‘Dillo.)

3 thoughts on “More PARK(ing) Woes

  1. Pantograph Trolleypole

    Someone should read Don Shoup’s book the High Cost of Free parking. Parking should reflect the true costs of providing it.

  2. martin

    This is just what we need in Austin – people recognizing that public space is just that, public space and that we’ve given over way too much of our public space to only one specific use and that is parking vehicles. It’s bad public policy, its bad for the environment and it saps the streetlife of a city when you have cars cluttering up everything and not paying their fare share for the space they use.
    I agree easyrider- kudos to CapMetro

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