Capital MetroRail: Keeping You Informed

In a letter to the editor in today’s Austin American-Statesman, a Cedar Park resident asked “how these important parts of the (Capital MetroRail) plan were allowed to slide by Cap Metro.” He was referring to a recent Statesman article about two of our rail stations that won’t be complete until early 2009.

Actually, we’ve worked hard to keep you informed about the progress and challenges of our project. Every month, our president/CEO writes a letter to the community that we publish in our All Systems Go electronic newsletter. The letter includes a station-by-station MetroRail project update. You can view this month’s newsletter and subscribe here:

7 thoughts on “Capital MetroRail: Keeping You Informed

  1. chrysrobyn

    You worked hard to communicate by using a website not linked by, or the blog? Honestly?

    A lot of people, including myself, have been disappointed in the level of communication. should have had this information updated far more regularly. Personally, station build progress (on Howard and Kramer) is what I want to see, and I don’t see it. I was also surprised to find out it’ll cost $2 to travel between those two stations — on the hairy edge of a deal breaker for me, so I don’t know if I will continue to care about station build progress anyway.

  2. Sheng Jiang

    Is it possible to provide cell-phone/PDA friendly trip planner page? Currently the pages on the Capmetro web site are designed for computer screen.

    How about a downloadable cell-phone/PDA friendly e-schedule book?

  3. Erica McKewen

    sheng jiang, we are doing a complete overhaul to our Web site, and having a PDA-friendly site, including the trip planner, is on the “must have” list. I don’t know the precise timeline for the site redesign, but I think within the next couple of months there will be major improvements to the capmetro site.

  4. Jacob Vanhorn

    I am with Sheng, not only pda friendly, but iphone specifically, and not just an iphone list of routes which is easy, but a Google Maps type route mapping capability via iphone. If you want to increase ridership by young professionals and hipsters, you gotta get the iphone friendly thing going. Thanks for your work on this site.

  5. martin

    The entire letter to the Statesman is below. I cut and paste it here because I think the most important point the writer makes is not the bit about communication with the public, but the bit when he says "Cap Metro needs to do two things: start rail service when it said it would and find a way to get the two stations done as soon as possible."
    I can't agree more with the writer. CapMetro needs to put the station construction into high gear and it needs to start the rail line before 2009. Not starting the line (even w/out the two late stations) seems to me irresponsible and opens a large door to those who already want to criticize the authority. Let's stick to our word of a 2008 opening.

    Cap Metro rail line

    Re: Aug. 28 article "Rail line might not open until next year."

    It is time for Capital Metro to perform as promised when it comes to rail.

    Gas prices are high. Roads are clogged. Cap Metro needs to do two things: start rail service when it said it would and find a way to get the two stations done as soon as possible.

    The big question is how these important parts of the plan were allowed to slide by Cap Metro until they could not deliver as promised. It can't lean on its usual lack-of-funding excuse. Why wasn't Brewster McCracken, a Cap Metro board member and an Austin City Council member, sounding the alarm months ago when the problem started?
    Paul M.
    Cedar Park

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