Beefing Up the Huddle Shuttle

Last Saturday was the opening game for the UT football season and the return of the Huddle Shuttle. If you were one of the many Huddle Shuttle passengers, you may have encountered long lines and a longer trip than normal. We acknowledge this caused some frustration. And, as the Assistant Director of Transportation, I assure you we are taking steps to provide better service for the next game.

Increased seating capacity at the stadium prompted more traffic and higher ridership than we were expecting. We also tried some different routes to avoid traffic and get to the stadium quicker.

Here are some of the ways we plan to beef up the service:
* Schedule more buses to arrive at the loading locations earlier
* Increase the amount of buses for the shuttles by 30% (an additional cost of more than $4,000 per game)
* Add more signage to assist passengers returning to the shuttles after the game

Even though we are working out some of the kinks, we’re really pleased with the new drop-off location closer to the stadium. If you want to avoid waiting in line for a ticket, you can buy a season pass for the remaining home games at

We want nothing less than quality service for all customers and we hope you’ll stick with us for the remainder of the season. Hook ’em horns!

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