The South Congress Transit Center Opens for Business

This morning (and several days last week) Capital Metro staff were stationed at some key bus stops to help riders get on the right buses after the significant service changes that became effective yesterday.

One of the outreach locations was the new South Congress Transit Center on Ben White west of Congress, whose central clock tower is reminiscent of Austin’s historic moon towers.

The new facility has a kiss and ride drop off area and some limited parking (including motorcycles and scooters) for customers, with priority parking for RideShare carpoolers.

Six routes serve the new facility: 1L, 1M, 9, 101, 328, and new route 202. Capital Metro plans to add more routes in the future. This morning, in addition to handing out Krispy Kreme donuts to celebrate the opening, Capital Metro staff directed riders to the correct bus bays and answered other questions.

Some of the other amenities at the South Congress Transit Center include bike racks, emergency call boxes, vending machines, and native plant landscaping.

As one of my favorite transportation planners here summed it up, “The facility looks really great.” Here, here! I hope customers like it, too.

5 thoughts on “The South Congress Transit Center Opens for Business

  1. Ruth

    There was a new traffic light created for this project that so far seems to be causing a lot of traffic problems.

    I take a route home (as well as several other thousand Austinites) that takes me through the Ben White/Congress intersection. Already there have been delays just getting through this intersection because of the new traffic light on Congress.

    Will this issue be addressed?

  2. Erica McKewen

    Ruth, Hi. Yes, on Monday morning, I noticed that the new light affects the traffic flow of cars through the Ben White/Congress intersection.

    The city is responsible for the timing on the lights, and that may be something they can address for that area. The light was only “turned on” a day or two before the transit center opened, so I don’t know how much data they require before they can adequately tell what adjustments will work best.

    I’m sure our planners are well aware of this issue, but I will pass along your comments–they work very closely with the city on all of these projects. thanks for the feedback!

  3. BonBon!

    My first experience with the South Congress Transit Center? Wow! What a phenomenal waste of time and money! A tiny little landscaped and manicured plot within striking distance of more overpriced Austin condos near Ben White and S. Congress! Even better, now my bus gets to detour (wait, why isn’t anyone getting off? oh, wait, there aren’t any other buses here waiting for you to board as is the case with other such hyped transit centers). What a novel idea! On top of that! My trip to Slaughter Lane is prolonged that much longer . . . and oh . . . wait! If this grand, landscaped “Transit Center” could be completed, why could the heralded MetroRail stops not be finished so as to avoid Capitol Metro’s appearing to be the public administrative abysmal waste that it is . . . alas . . . who can say?

    How many of you Capital Metrollers even TAKE the bus to feel what this poor excuse for “urban transport” really is?

    By the way, when you had your employees at stops dispensing the schedule changes for passengers, it was the most annoying thing I’d ever experienced. Do not repeat. I hardly need a peach-fuzzed young one trying to tell me how to ride the bus since I’ve been figuring out how to do it (in this town and others) for the last 30 years. And anyone else who doesn’t know, well, they’ll acquire the requisite street savvy. Although, I’ve learned that the new association with Austin and public transportation is that it is thought the only people here who ride the bus are those who cannot afford a car. Few choose your options as a conscientious, economic, or eco-friendly choice. Or, not nearly as many do as you would have us believe. Ah! The car is still king in Texas. And this is supposedly the “liberal” part of Texas.

    Do yourself a favor and outsource yourself Capitol Metro.

  4. EasyRider

    BonBon, I’m sorry that you have so much anger in your heart. As for me, I was glad to have the Metro people out there to help me find my way when all the routes changed.

  5. John

    Is the park and ride service here only for those who are carpooling and not individuals? I need a way to take the bus to UT since I cannot park on or near campus but I travel alone and don’t use the rideshare system (which I am unfamiliar with). Can I still come park here and ride the bus to campus? Is the parking free? Covered? Plentiful?

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