Capital Metro Services Running on Schedule

I was happy to see the bus rolling down my street this morning–Capital Metro bus and paratransit services are running as scheduled. Last night, the transit union did reject the final contract offer from StarTran, Inc.; however, contract negotiations may resume.

If a strike occurs, StarTran and Capital Metro are prepared to serve the public by operating key bus routes. The most current route information will be posted on the Capital Metro Web site.

5 thoughts on “Capital Metro Services Running on Schedule

  1. Erica McKewen

    Don, it depends on your definition of “normal.” Capital Metro is committed to providing the highest level of service possible, and as resources become available, we would put more buses on the street. However, if a strike occurs, all of the routes we will be offering initially will be on a much reduced level of service: 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. only, with a frequency of 45 minutes or better. All of the routes (complete now with schedules and maps) are linked directly from the Capital Metro web site,

  2. Stephen Gutknecht

    why the heck is the 3 bus so late up on Saturday evening? It was 40 minutes late at 2831 Manchaca‎ northbound stop last night. There were 5 people waiting there. I was 10 minutes early at the stop, so I know I didn’t miss it.

    A driver sick-in going on?

  3. Stephen Gutknecht

    The 3 southbound detour also was fouled up last night.

    The website says on the detour page: “#3 Burnet/Manchaca (SB) From 11th Right on Guadalupe Left on 9th Right on Colorado To regular route”

    So there are a bunch of sitting at Colorado and 5th waiting and we watch the 3 bus driving eastbound on 5th street and turn onto Colorado, bypassing a popular stop! We had to all sprint down to 3rd street to catch the bus.

    What part of “left on 9th” street am I not understanding about the published detour?!

    Is this another passive-aggressive strike by the drivers or a foul up with what is published on the website?

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