If you loved the Red ‘Dillo…

We’ve been extolling the virtues of Capital Metro’s zippy new ‘Dillos, which will roll down Congress (Route #450) and 5th and 6th Streets (Route #451) beginning this Sunday, August 24.
The ‘Dillos have straightforward, easy-to-remember routes and schedules. A new ‘Dillo will be coming along every five minutes during the week and 11 minutes on weekends, making downtown travel easy.

But if you’ve been using the Orange ‘Dillo to go to lunch on Manor Road, for example, or the Silver ‘Dillo to get to Deep Eddy Pool, you might not be quite so keen (yet) on the new system. We’ve made modifications to other routes and have assembled some trip tips to provide some easy alternatives for you.

Blue Dillo: For lunchtime walk to Congress Ave. and board the 450 Congress ‘Dillo, with service every five minutes from 17th Street to Riverside.

Gold ‘Dillo: Take Route 3 from Lamar, which has been rerouted to serve ACC Rio Grande.

Orange ‘Dillo: Route 450 Congress ‘Dillo will travel to most of the places the Orange ‘Dillo would take you. For service to East Campus try Route 18 MLK or 10 Red River. For Manor Road restaurants catch Route 20.

Red ‘Dillo: Route 4 has been extended to Lake Austin Blvd. and Veterans Drive. Morning and afternoon trips will be made to Austin High School. From downtown, Route 3 will provide service to the West Campus of UT and to ACC Rio Grande.

Silver ‘Dillo: Route 4, which runs on 7th Street, will serve West 5th and 6th Streets and the Austin High area. Riders from Pleasant Valley and E. 2nd Street can use Route 17 Cesar Chavez to reach downtown.

These tips, along with lots of other information about the major changes occurring on Aug. 24, are printed in the Service Change Guide, free on all the buses and available on our Web site.

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