Major Service Change Aug 24

Capital Metro is gearing up for a major service change on August 24. In preparation, we want to make sure you are aware of the changes and understand how your routes will be impacted.

This service change includes the new ‘Dillo routes, expanded service on the 1L and 101, and the opening of the new South Congress Transit Center. We’ve also made major changes to all of our paired routes, and will say goodbye to the Capitol Transfer Center at 11th and Congress, which is closing.

Click here for more details on the upcoming changes. New route maps, system maps and schedules will be updated on our Web site next week. Also, the new Destinations schedule book will go on sale August 18 at local H-E-B stores and at our Transit Store at 323 Congress for just $1.

Thanks for Riding Capital Metro!

14 thoughts on “Major Service Change Aug 24

  1. Don Dickson

    As I’ve already said here, closing and moving the Capitol bus stop is a ridiculously stupid idea, but I’m well-aware that it’s not y’all’s ridiculously stupid idea.

    I’m unhappy about the changes to the Dillo routes. Can I offer a suggestion? Run one on the same route but counterclockwise – north on Trinity, south on Guadalupe or San Antonio or Nueces or Rio Grande (serving ACC). Folks on the west side have to walk several blocks to catch a Dillo going north in order to go south. Makes no sense…the new Dillo service is pretty useless to anyone on the west side.

  2. Meredith

    The ultimate goal of the ‘Dillo system is to operate as a downtown circulator; operating short routes on high frequencies. When the system was redesigned (with the assistance of a local task force), it was determined that the routing pattern would be most effective in targeting downtown employees, tourists, and downtown residents (in that order). We also to care to not leave ACC Rio Grande without service, and consequently re-routed the 3 to directly serve that campus. Route 3 has longer service hours and more coverage than the ‘Dillos, and it also operates 7 days a week. Westsiders can access the 3 directly into downtown, or utilize routes 21/22 and 103 for those connections.

  3. Kraft

    101 also has reduced service – removal of the stop at Congress/Oltorf (as the maps show at least).

    It would have been INCREDIBLY useful to know that the stop was up for removal before this point.

    I just moved into a residence near that intersection, partly choosing the location due to the 101 stop.


  4. Kraft

    Actually, now I’m confused:

    The map for the new South Congress Transfer Center shows a stop for the 101 at Congress/Oltorf:

    The map for the 101 route on the preview site does not:

    According to the 101 map, it appears that the stops for the 101 NB/SB are at Woodward, possibly a SB stop at Oltorf or slightly further south. Only NB stop appears to be near/at Riverside.

    According to the SCTC map doesn’t show a 101/1M/1L connection at Woodward.

    Could I get a clarification on what the 101 stops are going to be?


  5. Erica McKewen

    kraft, the 101 will continue to stop at SW and NE corners of Oltorf/Congress. We need to fix the map.

    The 101 is actually getting expanded service: all day service between North Lamar Transit Center and the the new South Congress Transit Center, as well as morning and afternoon peak service from William Cannon/Bluff Springs to the Tech Ridge Park and Ride.

  6. Don Dickson

    Whew, y’all had me scared for a moment there.

    I’m surprised nobody has blogged about the Ben Wear article in the Statesman about the signs telling riders how to stand on a bus without falling. Seems to me if we have to explain to people how to stand without falling, they’re probably not smart enough to read the signs in the first place. 🙂

  7. Kraft

    Thanks for the update! I went through a roller coaster of emotions this morning.

    I started very happy about the time extension, then upset that Oltorf wasn’t on the map, then confused and finally, relieved!

    Again, thanks for the very fast response.

  8. Don Dickson

    I sure hope everyone is breathing easier now that the Capitol bus stop no longer poses a “security threat.”

    I know I feel safer.

    (What a bunch of silly nonsense.)

  9. Bunny

    I am sure which blog to post this remark.

    I was on the bus #328 and the bus driver was talking on the cell phone while driving. He swerved.
    Anyway, I made a complaint and it took 14 days for them to get back with me. Then they said the camera only records when the bus hits or bumps something.

    Now I know what others say to me when they call in. Nothing is ever done and no proof is recorded.

    Guess I will take my camera (stilla nd video) with me on the bus when I ride it.

  10. Misty Whited


    If you could provide me with your name and the date that you called about the incident, I will find out if any disciplinary action was taken. You can email me at

    Just so you and others know, safety is our number one priority and cell phone usage is strictly prohibited while operating any Capital Metro bus. Operators are not allowed to talk on the phone, text or have a blue tooth device while operating the unit or even sitting in the driver’s seat.

    In regards to the cameras, all of our vehicles are equipped with DriveCam, which activates by unusual motion or manually. Additionally, some of our buses have security cameras.

  11. Sara Chronicles

    The store was out of the 31 day bus passes when I attempted to purchase one. They said they had tried to get some for the past two weeks. It’s oct 6. Will they received more of the old passes or will they only get the new higher priced passes?

  12. Misty Whited


    There is a process in which H-E-B orders additional passes from Capital Metro that was set up several years ago. Each store is responsible for their inventory and when those inventories are depleted each store has an on-line process in which they order additional passes. It’s H-E-B that set up this process for each of their stores so the corporate office could have a better handle on each store’s inventory. Unless we receive a request for additional passes or a complaint from a customer, we are unaware that stores have run out of passes. It’s very rare that H-E-B stores allow their passes to deplete to zero. We fill all orders immediately. In fact, we just received a request from the Tech Ridge H-E-B yesterday and we will be filling their order. You may want to try buying your pass at another location or on our web site. Current passes will be available until this Friday, Oct. 10.

  13. Sara Chronicles

    Thank you for your response.

    I can neither confirm or deny the seller was an HEB store. Based on your response, I contacted the outlet and spoke with management.

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