SUV Driver Seeks Commute Solutions

Today the Austin American Statesman printed a letter to the editor from an SUV driver who decided to take the bus for her 13-mile trip to work. But she was frustrated about the transfers and the significant time added to her commute.

Certainly the bus schedules aren’t going to work for everyone. And you should indeed consider the time vs. money trade off when you’re deciding on the best way to get around. But it’s important to remember that the bus is not the only way to dump the pump. Our RideShare program provides alternatives to help reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road. In addition to managing Capital Metro’s popular vanpools and hybrid carpools, RideShare can help match you with others looking to form carpools.

Talk to your neighbors and co-workers too. If the bus doesn’t work for your daily commute, perhaps there’s someone you live near or work with who is in the same situation. Sounds like a perfect match for a carpool.

Many employers are taking a closer look at ways to ease their employees’ pain at the pump. Telecommuting, compressed work weeks or flexible work hours may be an option. Our RideShare staff can assist with setting up employer-sponsored transportation solutions.

Just like the bus schedules, these ideas may or may not work for you. But it’s good to know that there are options out there.

Getting back to the point of having to transfer too many times, in future posts we’ll update you on Capital Metro’s Comprehensive Operational Analysis which will directly address the issue of bus routing and alignments throughout our system.

2 thoughts on “SUV Driver Seeks Commute Solutions

  1. Don Dickson

    As I have written here before, you cannot always expect, and can rarely demand, that transit systems come to you – any more than you can insist that highways come to you.

    This lady engineered her lifestyle around her SUV. She needs to re-engineer her lifestyle with the available transit options in mind.

    Don’t blame the transit system for the fact that you don’t live near it.

  2. M1EK

    However, it most definitely IS Capital Metro’s fault that the new rail line doesn’t go to the University of Texas, the State Capitol, or arguably even downtown. That was a choice they made to curry favor with Rep. Krusee and go with commuter rail rather than a scaled back version of the 2000 light rail plan (which served all those activity centers).

    Those activity centers have been there for a hundred years or more, and anybody who knows anything about transit knows that people who won’t ride the nonstop express bus today straight to one of those places aren’t going to take a train ride that requires a (non-nonstop, non-express) shuttle bus ride at the end either.

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