Capital MetroRail is coming down the track

KXAN’s Kate Weidaw reports on Capital Metro’s progress on Capital MetroRail, including new construction that has begun on the Downtown Station.

Regarding the zoned fare structure for MetroRail, here is a map showing the boundary between the two zones.

4 thoughts on “Capital MetroRail is coming down the track

  1. BonBon!

    Yes. How wonderful . . . for Leander. Let’s see, what’s new for we of the South Austin area? Oh that’s right . . . nothing.

  2. Nawdry


    BonBon! said…
    Yes. How wonderful . . . for Leander. Let's see, what's new for we of the South Austin area? Oh that's right . . . nothing.
    August 10, 2008

    Just a heads-up, for what it's worth, that the All Systems Go program includes the Rapid (bus) service for South Austin – all the way down South Congress to the South Meadows shopping mall area at Slaughter Ln. This project is currently in advanced planning.

    In addition, the South Congress Transit Center, serving 6 South Austin routes, will open on Aug. 24th.

    Incidentally, I also live in far South Austin. So I have "a dog in this hunt".

    Let me also remind everyone that the 2000 plan for electric light rail transit (LRT) included a segment serving South Congress as far as Ben White Blvd. Had it been approved, South Austinites today would have a high-quality and relatively fast, quiet, comfortable, clean-air service running in this corridor (and not dependent on skyrocketing diesel fuel prices). While the LRT plan passed in the City of Austin and was approved by the precincts adjoining the route, it was very narrowly defeated in the service area as a whole, by a tiny fraction of less than 1% of the vote.

    Hopefully, the Austin area will learn from this serious mistake and maintain a more far-sighted and progressive course for the future. Keep in mind that additional rail plans – including some for South Austin – are now on the table.

    L. Henry


  3. M1EK

    Rapid Bus is a complete and utter joke – we can only hope that our city council members slap it down the same way they did last time. Only the 2008 downtown LRT proposal has any hope of eventually serving South Austin with anything worth using.

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