Ride the Bus on July 4th

Want to see Austin’s fireworks show without the traffic and parking mess? No problem. Take the Bus.

The Austin Symphony’s 4th of July concert and fireworks has returned to its original location at Auditorium Shores this year. Similar to last year, we’re not doing shuttles; however, Capital Metro’s existing routes are a great way to get to there. In fact, we’re enhancing our service that night, including offering Night Owl Service at 10 p.m. Click here for more detailed information about all of our July 4th service.

We’ve also created some cool interactive route maps that will help you plan your trip ahead of time. Routes Downtown Detail

Being a native Austinite, I’m excited that the celebration has moved back to the Shores from Zilker Park. Hope you enjoy the show.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July.

2 thoughts on “Ride the Bus on July 4th

  1. Jacob Vanhorn

    Just found this blog today, so this comment is kind of late. Are there plans next year to have the buses run full schedule until 11pm next Fourth of July? At least the routes that are travel near Auditorium Shores?

    This year we took the #3 to the park with my 2 1/2 year old son and 6 month old daughter. There were a lot of people getting dropped off via the bus and we were worried that we might have a hard time getting home with the reduced schedule after 10pm.

    Little did we realize that we would walk 2.8 miles with my family southbound on Lamar for about 2 hours and never saw a single bus (#3) going southbound on Lamar. Even if there had been a bus headed southbound it would have been full of people with no room for people down the line.

    If there are no attempts to keep the buses running on a regular schedule to at least get people home from the fireworks then we won’t be taking them again this year.

  2. Misty Whited


    I’m sorry that your family had to walk home that night. If you took the #3 to the fireworks, you should have been able to take the 484 Night Owl home that night. We started the Night Owls two hours earlier to help people get back home. We’ll take your suggestion into consideration when planning for July 4th service next year. Thanks for riding.

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