3 thoughts on “Rider Profile: Kim

  1. Don Dickson

    Saw you on the tube, Kim, welcome aboard! (You may have seen me on the tube tonight too, but that’s literally “another story.”)

    Wow, CM, y’all are getting a lot of good “pub” on the tube….I hope y’all have plenty of extra buses and drivers. It sure is getting crowded. And yesterday I rode a bus with no a/c, which hasn’t happened to me in a long, long time….I hope it’s a long time before that happens again! Dang it was hot. :-/ Mostly I felt sorry for the poor driver.

  2. Gloria Cobain

    Forget the passengers, Kim etc really need to watch out for the misconduct of so-called drivers.

    Austin’s the only city where (contracted or not) they mistakenly believe they are entitled to goof off on the tax payer dollar.

    It’s embarassing in any city, but especially being a Capital City.

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