Goodbye Capitol Transfer Center

Pay close attention if you ride any of the routes that serve the Capitol Transfer Center located at 11th and Congress. Effective August 24, this bus stop will close; the routes will be relocated to stops in the area of 10th and Congress. Our Board of Directors approved this service change at a special meeting today. You can read a full description of all the upcoming service changes by clicking here.

If you’re not familiar with the history on this, here’s a brief summary: The Capitol Transfer Center is located on state property. In November 2007, the State Preservation Board notified us that we must close this bus stop by November 2008, citing safety and security concerns around the Capitol.

Since that time, Capital Metro has made every effort to keep the Capitol Transfer Center in place or find a nearby alternative such as the east side of the Capitol entrance. We were not able to reach an agreement, so our only option at this point is to move to 10th and Congress. We see this as the best possible interim solution until we can re-examine the alignment of all routes in the Downtown area in coordination with the City of Austin.

Our top priority is to minimize the inconvenience this change will have on our customers. We’ll work hard between now and August 24 to update you with new maps and schedules to make this transition as easy as possible.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Capitol Transfer Center

  1. Don Dickson

    I still think this is the stupidest thing I ever heard of. (And no, I know it isn’t Capitol Metro’s fault, it’s the silly Preservation Board.)

    Is there any chance that they will revisit this decision because of the mansion fire?

  2. Anonymous

    I agree this is stupid.

    I worked in the Capitol. The state is crazy. People can carry bags into the Capitol building just by walking up the steps. Why worry about a bus stop.

    Capitol Metro can have the US federal government to step since a disability issue or file a suit against the state regarding discrimination.

  3. Adam Shaivitz

    Don: Some of our Board members raised the same question about how reconstruction at the mansion may affect the routes that will be moving from 11th to 10th Street. Our staff will continue to work with the state, and we’ll do what we can to minimize any disruption in service.

  4. Easy Rider

    The Governor is a major tool. This has nothing to do with security. He just doesn’t want to see buses and bus passengers outside his beautiful (once it’s rebuilt) mansion and capitol.

  5. John S

    I think this is silly. Another example of the state conservatives clashing with the progressive ways we develop our wonderful City of Austin. It’s not a security concern (it is OUTSIDE of the Capitol grounds on public right-of-way), they just don’t want the “bus riders” near them as they cross 11th street to go to lunch on Congress. Why do the state workers care? They live in the burbs!

    They have no business telling us how to operate our transit system downtown!!!!!!!

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