A big thanks to those who have commented on the Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan so far. The draft plan, which proposes a new transit network to address the region’s growth, is based on what we heard in community meetings earlier this year: a desire for more frequency, more reliability and more connections.

Now, we are busy reviewing more than 1,000 comments received this month through Connections 2025 open houses, webinars, an online community survey, bus stop outreach and community events.


There’s still time to comment – survey deadline extended to Oct. 15!

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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Sweepstakes!
Win two tickets to “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” musical at the Zach Theatre.

We all knozach-scott-logow that driving in Austin can be a drag, but riding transit can be a lot of fun! Capital Metro has teamed up with the Zach Theatre to give away 3 pairs of tickets to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The sweepstakes runs from September 21-28, and the winner will be announced Thursday, September 29. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert runs from Sept. 28-Oct. 30.

home1-g-priscilla-overHow do you win tickets?

Ride Capital Metro and share your photos on Capital Metro’s Facebook page with the hashtags #PriscillaTX and/or #DrivingisaDrag to be entered into the drawing. The winner will be randomly selected for a pair of tickets to the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert showing on October 6 (no substitutes). The winners will be announced Thursday, September 29.

Terms and conditions apply. See below.

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0033_brio-photographyIn honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Capital Metro would like to recognize one of our own stand-out leaders, Gerardo Castillo. Continue Reading »

663-mapWe’ve recently received several questions from University of Texas at Austin students concerning possible changes to current UT Shuttle routes. We’d like to clarify the issue a bit and offer some answers to these questions. Continue Reading »

This is the 5th blog post in our week-long series about Connections 2025. We’ve heard your burning questions and have answers to your top questions.  

Day 5 – Question: What about MetroRail?

The Connections 2025 vision for MetroRail is to serve as one of two components in the “Rapid Transit” category of service (the other being I-35 BRT service in dedicated express lanes). “Rapid Transit” routes provide frequent, high-capacity transit with limited-stop regional transit service that also serves as an integral part of the all-day, all-week core network. These types of services operate on dedicated right-of-way and can provide guaranteed, congestion-proof travel times to, from and between destinations throughout the Capital Metro service area. Continue Reading »

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This is the fourth blog post in our week-long series about Connections 2025. We’ve heard your burning questions and have answers to your top questions.  

Day 4 – Question: Why can’t we have more routes, all with more frequency?

Remember that old saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”? Well, we think that phrase stinks. We love cake!

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that.  (We know. Boo.)  We can’t provide every type of service under the sun at the same time – it’s just not possible.  Life (and transit planning) involves trade-offs and in the case of our service one of the more common trade-offs is frequency vs. coverage. Since Capital Metro doesn’t have unlimited funding, we can only provide limited amounts of either option.  Continue Reading »

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This is the third blog post in our week-long series about Connections 2025. We’ve heard your burning questions and have answers to your top questions.  

Day 3 – Question: What will the proposed Connections 2025 transit network accomplish?
ExistingProposed Map 1Frequency. Frequency. Frequency.

Frequency is the proven recipe for successful transit service in the U.S. and abroad. Our neighbors to the east, Houston, changed their system to focus on frequency a little over a year ago. We’ve seen their ridership up by 7% since they altered their system.

More importantly, we overwhelmingly heard requests for more frequency during our community public outreach in Feb./March and May 2016.

We responded! The proposed Connections 2025 network would put a whole lot more people within a 10-minute walk of bus or train service running every 15-minutes or better.

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