Think you have ideas to help Capital Metro rethink Central Texas transit? Now’s your chance to share ideas and feedback. Three easy ways to get in on the action:

  1. Complete the online survey (En Español)
  2. Email Feedback@Connections2025.org or call 512-369-6000
  3. Attend an open house Feb. 16-20

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Since the rail bond proposal, or “Proposition 1,” was defeated in November 2014, we’ve received a lot of questions about what we’re doing for Austin’s Central Corridor where there is still a critical need for effective and connected transit solutions.

PCCCquote 1We went back to the drawing board. Project Connect partners agreed to utilize the remaining grant funding to re-engage the community and initiate a new study under Capital Metro’s management. The Central Corridor Study that began in 2014 will now continue with AECOM, an integrated global engineering firm, leading the effort, working with transportation agencies, stakeholders and the public to shape Austin’s transit future.

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This is the second in a series of Capital Metro blog posts on its Service Plan.

commentsAt Capital Metro, we know our system isn’t perfect and agree that our bus service should change with the times. In 2010, we made a plan called Service Plan 2020 that resulted in some very real, major projects like MetroRapid, the first transit priority lanes in Austin, and a High-Frequency Route Network, just to name a few. These were all projects that we were able to roll out onto Austin’s streets in under five years. Connections 2025 is intended to work just like that.

We Need YOU

Beyond what we think Central Texas’ transit needs, it’s more important to ask YOU—our neighbors, both riders and non-riders. We’re hoping to leave no stone unturned in our community. We want to meet with our riders & operators, community leaders, social service agencies, any anyone else who’s interested, touching every council district in the most comprehensive way possible. Continue Reading »

Capital Metro regularly checks passes to ensure fair payment for its bus and rail services. Your tax dollars help provide transportation for Austin’s region, so when it comes down to riding, everyone should respect the law and pay their fare. When a person rides without a valid fare, it’s considered a “failure to pay public transportation” under Texas Transportation code section 451.0611 or a “Theft of Services,” a Class C Misdemeanor.

We’ve always had a fare evasion policy; we’ve just made some changes recently. The new policy, which went into effect Jan. 10, is more flexible and costs less, and unless the citation is not paid, helps keep a Class C Misdemeanor off your record. Many of our peer agencies have similar fare policies, including the DART system in Dallas.

How is the new policy different? Check out the infographic to see a comparison between our old system and new policy.


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Pain in the Bus Placards6 (1)

The Seat Hog takes up several seats with his belongings, preventing others from sitting.

Have you ever boarded a bus to find that you have nowhere to sit because another rider is hogging several seats? Are you privy to a fellow rider’s family drama because you couldn’t avoid a lengthy and loud cell phone conversation during your ride? Or have you (yes, YOU!) ever fallen asleep on the bus, nestled up against a stranger, after a long day at work?

Sometimes, we all need to take a mindful look at our own behavior on the bus. Continue Reading »

iStock_000034643008_SmallThe Texas winter is upon us, making taking transit a chilly proposition. But it doesn’t have to be if you are prepared! Here are some tips that can help make your transit travels more pleasant: Continue Reading »

NYE Ring Ride 1A Message from State Representative Eddie Rodriguez

For many, the holiday spirit means getting together with friends and family, celebrating and having a good time. This is especially true on New Year’s Eve in Austin, where there are abundant options for fun and festivities.

How will you fulfill your invitations to all of these celebrations in a timely and safe manner? Continue Reading »


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